Teamgee Portable Monitor for Laptop, 12” Full HD IPS Display, Dual Triple Monitor Screen Extender, HDMI/USB-A/Type-C Plug and Play for Windows, Chrome & Mac, Work with 13”-16” Laptops

Adding a portable external monitor to your laptop can greatly improve your productivity and efficiency when working on the go. The Teamgee Portable Monitor aims to provide that extra screen real estate in a slim and travel-friendly form factor. But does it live up to the hype? Here’s an in-depth review of its features, performance, and overall value as a mobile second screen.

Why Consider a Portable Monitor?

For many professionals, having multiple screens is a necessity for juggling different windows, programs, and reference material at once. But laptops constrain you to a single, often small, built-in display.

Portable external monitors like the Teamgee solve this by providing a slim secondary screen you can take anywhere. You can extend your desktop for more space or mirror your main display in a larger format.

Key advantages of portable monitors:

  • Increased productivity – More screens means ability to multitask efficiently
  • Compact portability – Thin and foldable for using anywhere
  • Simple setup – Typically just plug and play, no installation
  • Versatile compatibility – Works with many laptops, operating systems

If you need more screen real estate for work or play while traveling, portable monitors are a great option to consider. The Teamgee aims to deliver this in an affordable package.

Key Features and Benefits

The Teamgee Portable Monitor provides the following features:

  • 12″ IPS Full HD display – 1920 x 1080 resolution with good IPS panel color and viewing angles
  • Extend or mirror display modes – Either extend desktop or duplicate screens
  • Foldable, slim design – Easily fits in bags and folds up when not in use
  • Built-in speakers – Allows for audio without external speakers
  • Plug and play – No driver installation required for most laptops
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Chromebook – Works with various operating systems
  • Multiple viewing angles – Adjustable kickstand for ideal viewing position

Benefits include:

  • Extra screens for improved multitasking and productivity
  • Crisp 1080p resolution provides clear, sharp visuals
  • Portable, foldable design for using anywhere on the go
  • Easy setup with most laptops via USB-C or HDMI cables
  • Audio and video on the go without needing external speakers

For mobile professionals, these features enable efficient working from anywhere with the convenience of extra screen space that folds up neatly when not required.

Monitor Design and Build Quality

The Teamgee monitor sports a slim, minimalist design optimized for portability. Here are some details on the physical specs:

  • Display size: 12 inches
  • Panel type: IPS
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Full HD
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Thickness: 0.24 inches thin
  • Weight: 1.97 lbs lightweight
  • Exterior: Sturdy plastic build
  • Ports: 2x USB-C, 2x Mini HDMI

The overall construction feels solid and durable. Side bezels are relatively thin, framed by black plasticrounds the panel.

Foldable kickstands on the back prop the monitor up on a table. It can open nearly flat up to 210 degrees for adjustment. The kickstand lets it stand alone without any mount or case.

Ports located on the edges allow connection to laptops via USB-C and HDMI cables. Cables can also charge devices like phones from the monitor’s ports.

Display Performance and Quality

With a 1920 x 1080 IPS panel, the Teamgee monitor provides Full HD resolution across its 12 inches of screen space. The IPS (in-plane switching) display technology offers vibrant colors and strong viewing angles.

Reviewers found the display quality quite good for a portable monitor:

  • Brightness: 250 nits peak; decent for indoor use
  • Colors: 45% NTSC color gamut; bright and vivid
  • Contrast: 1000:1; deep blacks and clean whites
  • Sharpness: 1080p on 12 inches; crisp and sharp image
  • Viewing angles: 178° IPS panel; consistent colors off-angle

The monitor also includes Eye Care mode to reduce blue light emission for comfortable prolonged viewing.

While not as stellar as desktop monitors, the screen provides sharp, colorful visuals ideal for productivity and entertainment on the go. Within expectations for a portable monitor, the display quality is impressive.

Performance and Ease of Use

Setting up the Teamgee monitor is designed to be quick and simple:

  1. Connect laptop to monitor via USB-C and/or HDMI cables
  2. Power on the monitor
  3. Laptop detects and enables the second display

No driver installation or software is necessary. The monitor automatically works in either extended (extra screen space) or mirrored modes.

The easy plug-and-play setup makes it convenient for using with different laptops on the go. However, compatibility can vary depending on your laptop’s ports:

  • Ideal: Laptop with 2x USB-C ports for video and power
  • Works: 1x USB-C port plus 1x HDMI port
  • Alternative: 2x HDMI ports plus external USB power source

Without the right ports, adapters may be required. USB-C hubs or docking stations can enable compatibility with more laptop models.

Once connected, the Teamgee monitor performance is smooth and responsive. The 60Hz refresh rate keeps motion blurring minimal for video and scrolling.

The only notable downside is the monitor lacks USB-C pass through charging to power laptops directly. An external power source may be needed in some cases.


The Teamgee monitor’s slim, folding design makes it easy to toss in any bag and use anywhere:

  • Thin construction: 0.24 inches thick when closed
  • Lightweight: 1.97 lbs – easy to carry around
  • Foldable: Folds inward to protect screen when stowed
  • Low profile: Stands alone with built-in kickstands
  • Sturdy exterior: Solid plastic build feels durable

The folding monitors stash neatly away into an included carrying pouch for transportation. Then they can pop open and stand on their own for instant use.

While not the absolute thinnest monitors, portability is a clear priority in the monitor’s design. It’s sized for easily packing along with a laptop for mobile work.

Pros and Cons


  • Adds 2 extra portable 1080p screens
  • Boosts productivity with more display space
  • Crisp visuals with Full HD IPS display
  • Easy plug-and-play setup
  • Works with Windows, Mac, Chromebooks
  • Foldable and lightweight for portability
  • Affordable price for dual monitors


  • Mediocre display quality compared to desktop monitors
  • Requires adapters if lacking compatible ports
  • Messy cabling from side-mounted ports
  • No USB-C charging passthrough for laptops
  • Intermittent connection issues reported
  • Not compatible with M1 MacBooks

Verdict: With good screen space, portability, and easy use, the Teamgee monitor excels for mobile productivity. Just beware it won’t match desktop monitor quality and has some compatibility caveats.

The Teamgee Portable Monitor suits:

  • Mobile professionals needing extra screens for work
  • Remote workers and digital nomads
  • Graphic designers, photographers, artists
  • Bloggers, programmers, coders
  • Students and academics
  • Gamers who want expanded in-game view
  • Financial analysts monitoring data and charts
  • Accountants managing multiple spreadsheets
  • Sales reps presenting slide decks
  • Traders watching real-time market data

Anyone reliant on multi-monitor setups can benefit from this compact secondary display solution for use anywhere outside the desktop.

Value For Money

For under $350 as of writing this, the Teamgee Portable Monitor provides two extra 1080p IPS screens in a reasonably portable package. Compared to many single external monitors, it’s quite affordable.

As long as you have compatible laptop ports, it delivers excellent value. You can quadruple your mobile screen space at a fair price point.

For those who regularly need more workspace on the go, it’s a worthwhile investment to boost your ability to multitask, process visual data, and work efficiently from anywhere.

The Verdict

The Teamgee Portable Monitor makes dual external screens while mobile possible and affordable. For workers and creators needing to maximize screen area outside the office, it’s a compelling option.

The portable IPS displays provide quality resolution and colors suitable for work and entertainment on the move. Smooth performance and intuitive plug-and-play use enhance productivity.

Downsides like cable management and lack of USB-C charging pass through require some adaptation. And hardcore gamers or graphics professionals may want higher display specs. But for most mobile professionals, the Teamgee monitor is a great value productivity booster.

Overall, if you require extra screens for your work on the go, the portable dual-monitor capabilities make this worth considering. Just ensure your laptop ports are compatible and your expectations aligned. Within reasonable limits, it can vastly improve your mobile multitasking experience.


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